The CDE javascript is syntactic sugar that helps creating DHTML easier and faster by creating Custom DOM Elements.

Classic DHTML consists of many calls, element creation and "manual" setting of attributes. CDE helps you making this process a little less agonizing and gives you cleaner and clearer source code.

CDE is an object oriented chaining library that doesn't pollute the global scope beyond it's main object variable; CDE. Every function and method is part of either CDE or it's prototype.

Half of the script concerns fast creation of DHTML while the rest allows for easy manipulation of CDE objects, making use of the chaining principle.

I wasn't really trying to reinvent the wheel, but I guess that just sort of happened. I like this script and how it works. At least I know what happens with this script.

It's a work in progress but you can get the current version here.

Don't forget to check out the demo page.

Hope it helps ya :)